Monday, July 9, 2012

What Should I Read?

I know I have not book reviewed in quite some time, but I am back in the game of reading. I am currently reading Clash of the Kings (Book #2 in Game of Thrones).

I always like to have a plan on what I am going to read next.

I need some guidance.

Here is a link to my To Read List of Books on Good Reads. Take a look at let me know what I should read next.

If you have another suggestion, then please let me know by also leaving a comment. I look forward to my next read.

My book reviews are coming......

1 comment:

  1. I adored Lupica's Game Changers, which was weird because I don't like football. Also, there is a movie of John Flangan's The Ruins of Gorlan in the making, and I loved that series. If your local library has it, Cross-Country Runner by Leon McClinton is awesome, even if it is from 1974. Wishing you good luck on your big running and will be eager to see how you do!